I have always loved to draw and paint since I was a child but I laid it down for a while as the importance of life took priority. I did not pick it up again until my 40s. That tiny spark was fired up again when I acquired my Masters of Illustration from Syracuse University. I experimented with all kinds of mediums and found pastel, watercolor and acrylic to be my favorites.

I finally found what I was looking for, the chance to be back on the path bringing joy to me in art. All of my paintings/photographs are from my life experience. I hope you can experience some of the joy and peace I glean during my creative process.

I still do custom compositions from your choice of photos of your special pet, still life or landscape. Contact me below if you are interested and we can chat about the cost.

Karen lives in Bellingham, WA by the sea and has four married children (so really eight children​), seven grandchildren. Life is good.

Email Me! karen.kdesigns@gmail.com

Karen Travis,
Bellingham, WA